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What does a Notary Public do and why may I need one?

Notaries are appointed and regulated by Faculty office of the Archbishop of Canterbury and regarded as the oldest branch of the legal profession. Notaries are a separate branch of the legal profession. A Notary Public verifies facts and authenticates documents for use outside England and Wales. The status of a Notary Public practising in England and Wales is recognised throughout the world with most documents only being accepted in foreign jurisdictions if those documents bear the seal of a notary.

A Notary does not advise on the effect of a document but the Notary must ensure that the person entering into the transaction has the capacity, will and understanding to do so. Please note that a notary cannot give you legal advice on the contents of any documents. For that reason, and in most cases, the Notary Public must attend upon the person signing the document. The Notary Public also needs to verify the identity of that person. It would be beneficial prior to seeing the notary that you can email the documents that you will ask the notary to deal with. The primary objective of the notary is that their notarial act can be relied on by the foreign jurisdiction.

I can provide the following services:

  • Documents for setting up companies abroad
  • Corporate powers of attorney
  • Certificates of good standing
  • Apostile and legalisation service
  • Notarisation of company documents
  • Notarisation of share certificates
  • Notarisation of documents required for sale and purchase of companies
  • Certified copy of company minutes, board meetings and resolutions
  • Acknowledgements for use in the USA
  • Certification of trademark documentation
  • Certification of ID for directors and company secretaries